Apps for Study #2:Dragon Dictate

Thoughts and ideas move. Sometimes faster than I can remember.

By this I mean when I’m writing or typing I start, and then by the time I’ve committed the first few words to the page, my thought has moved on to the next thing. This can be frustrating given I spend so much time writing.

This sometimes frustrating tendency is referred to as a lapse in working-memory.

Working-memory is basically your capacity to keep thoughts in mind – it’s been described as the brain’s workbench.

Dragon Anywhere Dictation App

Dragon Dictate is an app for dictation. It’s straightforward.You talk into it and it types it up. Originally, I had this on my laptop and used it with a headset and microphone, but then I realised it’s an app.

It is a subscription app. It cost about £10 a month. Which is expensive. For me it’s worth it as I have it on my phone and can walk around and dictate.

One strategy I have used this app for is reading passages from books and then emailing them to myself so I can either use longer direct quotations. Sometimes I put the. passages I have dictated into a Word doc and add colour so I can re-read and retain the information.

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