-Teaching Update-

Over the past month I have been tutoring a younger student. This has made for a refreshing change from secondary teaching and a pleasant counterpoint to academia. Although saying this, I do enjoy both of the above…

We have gone back to basics and covered: Simple sentence construction;vocabulary expansion; using adverbs and adjectives within simple sentences to expand noun phrases and much more. Most recently we have been exploring narrative structure, using ‘story mountain’. The student interviewed my sister and nephew and created a book for my nephew based on his interests and preferences.

Below are some images of some of the activities we have done:

To the left: sequencing events in a story.
This reminded me about how significant colours are to children ar this age.

We have also been incoperating movement into each session. Using a shared teaching of stretches, dance poses and yoga movement. I will ‘demo’ a stretch or pose and the the student will do one. We tend to focus on animal poses. This has made for a welcome structure to our 3 hour sessions, but also reminded me as a practitioner about the importance of movement and embodied learning. On reflection, it has made me realise that just standing up and moving improves my focus.

I remember interviewing an SEN/D specialist in my MA and they were ‘not a fan’ of getting children to stand up and dance around just for the sake of it. I would say I tend to agree. If the movement serves no pedogogical advantage then it is perhaps not worthwhile. The movement needs to be either structured and part of a consistent routine, or subtly embeded within the lesson.

The 1:1 approach has also made me reflect on the significance of talking through the learning. In a classroom space with more children. Using each other as a sounding board is perhaps not available here.

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