I am resistant to ‘productivity hacks’ but this one works for me and has stuck for over a year, so that’s something!

In short, The Bullet Journal Method ® is an analogue organising system. Some people use it creatively, others use it as a schedule or organising system. It does appear a little cult-like at first glance, and yes you can buy into it as a system, but at the same time it can be an effective and cheap way to be creative or organised or at least attempt both!

I tend to use mine as an analogue dumping ground for all my thoughts and random ideas and doodles and I use 2 page spreads to attempt to visualise my weekly schedule.

The messy reality of my bullet journal.

The system is not meant to be overly prescriptive but can be if that sort of precision works for you.

As an intro, below are the bullets Ryder Carol – the creator – originally devised, but these have now expanded in collaboration with the bullet journal community in the new Bullet Journal 2.0 (told you it was a bit cult-like!)

Here are Ryder Carol’s original ‘rapid logging’ bullets:

Here is how I use the bullets in my current personalised ‘rapid logging’ . Probably subject to change when I get bored of the shapes. 🙂

I also find it quite hard to decide what tasks are a priority or urgent so I use a simple A,B,C label in a circle to decide which tasks probably should be be prioritised and done that day.

As you can see from the pictures , I start off with aestetic ideals, but then divert for functionality and mess to capture rapid and fragmented thoughts and what seems like a busy schedule .

more info = https://bulletjournal.com/

I bought my Bullet Journal from the amazing https://www.writeherekitenow.co.uk/ as it’s a local small business.

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