This is an extract from a collective ‘direct animation’. This was drawn on 16mm found and clear reels with Sharpies, and iron filings and scratched with a nail. I now have 2 more reels clean reels which will be digitally processed by so I can explore the potentialisties of mixing analogue and digital.

I have found this free online book/zine really helpful and I love the collective hand made ethos.

This is a product description of what the pack has

• 25 foot of single perf 16mm leader, black triacetate on a core
• 25 foot of single perf 16mm leader, clear triacetate on a core
• A 4K UHD scan of your artwork to Pro Res HQ file
• Includes optional metal scribe for etching into your film emulsion and a set 12 permanent fine tipped Sharpies in various colours for adding colour to your films

Cameraless Film Pack

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