-WOW!Super helpful resource: ‘DOING FIELDWORK IN A PANDEMIC’-

DOING FIELDWORK IN A PANDEMIC This is a REALLY helpful and well-organised document with LOADS of methods and tips for doing fieldwork in the context of Covid-19. It’s a google.doc that various people have contributed to, so in a way it’s crowdsourced…and I had nearly lost faith in humans… we can do good after all!Continue reading “-WOW!Super helpful resource: ‘DOING FIELDWORK IN A PANDEMIC’-“

~Reflecting on Data Analysis Task~

Task Review and Reflection: The task for today was to try one of the three methods with a small bit of text based data say for example this could be a policy document an interview transcript. I elected to use three different types of data the first one was some tweets from an online supportContinue reading “~Reflecting on Data Analysis Task~”

-Focus Beats-

This post is more as a memo for me to remember how much easier doing work can be with noise cancelling headphones and some music. I tend to go for more avant-garde stuff e.g. Aphex Twin, 808 State. Something loopy and percussive does the trick. It really does help with focus and immersion… Once IContinue reading “-Focus Beats-“