-Bullet Journal Method Intro-

I am resistant to ‘productivity hacks’ but this one works for me and has stuck for over a year, so that’s something! In short, The Bullet Journal Method ® is an analogue organising system. Some people use it creatively, others use it as a schedule or organising system. It does appear a little cult-like atContinue reading “-Bullet Journal Method Intro-“

Diffractive Analysis: Embodied Encounters in Contemporary Artistic Video Practice

Amba Sayal-Bennett This is a really useful paper for methodology and methods. The Bibliography at the end is useful guidance for the future: https://www.tate.org.uk/research/publications/tate-papers/29/diffractive-analysis

-Teaching Update-

Over the past month I have been tutoring a younger student. This has made for a refreshing change from secondary teaching and a pleasant counterpoint to academia. Although saying this, I do enjoy both of the above… We have gone back to basics and covered: Simple sentence construction;vocabulary expansion; using adverbs and adjectives within simpleContinue reading “-Teaching Update-“

~Mini Ethnography~

Location Shrewsbury Library My forced comfort zone would be to conduct a planned and well-structured study with well articulated questions and a concrete set structure. This would merely be to ensure I did it ‘right’. This is not really my authentic way of working as I find intuition more preferable and this allows thinking toContinue reading “~Mini Ethnography~”

~ Research Process Visualisation~

We were asked to visualise the research process. This task is engaging as it is open to interpretation. Everyone in the grouped shared a very distinct visualisation and these ranged across how they were presented. Whilst I recognise that there is importance in presenting information using linear models and diagrammatic boxes for the purpose ofContinue reading “~ Research Process Visualisation~”

Apps for Study #1:Time Timer

Like many people who study, I find myself oscillating between being either completely lost in the realms of time , or completely frozen struggling to muster motivation to start. I’m not really into the constant rhetoric of productivity, but there is no shame in using an external tool to help you get on with somethingContinue reading “Apps for Study #1:Time Timer”