Writing Portfolio

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Print Writing: Media Magazine

Media Magazine December 2019 Issue 70 pages 49-54

The King of Wins – A full feature about the innovative marketing campaign behind Thom Yorke’s album ANIMA

Media Magazine September 2020 Issue 73 pages 51-54

Enabling Images Representing Disability on pre-school TV – A full feature about past and contemporary representations of disability on British kids TV

Media Magazine December 2021 Issue 78 pages 50-54

Skater Girls- A feature tracing the emergence of ‘the skate video’ aesthetic then a look towards modern-day representations of females in the skateboarding scene

© Media Magazine- used here as an example of writing

Online Writing – Into Film.org

Education Resource Writing

I have contributed to a number of teaching resources. You can find some of these at intofilm.org

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