-Bullet Journal Method Intro-

I am resistant to ‘productivity hacks’ but this one works for me and has stuck for over a year, so that’s something! In short, The Bullet Journal Method ® is an analogue organising system. Some people use it creatively, others use it as a schedule or organising system. It does appear a little cult-like atContinue reading “-Bullet Journal Method Intro-“

-Meeting Notes for Portfolio 1-

2ND Meeting GE BM meeting 26.2.21 Joined ideas via social justice aims. BM’s background in Sociology and Education as student BM’s research = decolonise History curriculum Participants= trainee black teachers who have both studied and now hope to teach GCSE history. Methodology = Using Co-production Summary of this research = Examines how colonial ideas haveContinue reading “-Meeting Notes for Portfolio 1-“