-Meeting Notes for Portfolio 1-

2ND Meeting GE BM meeting 26.2.21 Joined ideas via social justice aims. BM’s background in Sociology and Education as student BM’s research = decolonise History curriculum Participants= trainee black teachers who have both studied and now hope to teach GCSE history. Methodology = Using Co-production Summary of this research = Examines how colonial ideas haveContinue reading “-Meeting Notes for Portfolio 1-“

~Mini Ethnography~

Location Shrewsbury Library My forced comfort zone would be to conduct a planned and well-structured study with well articulated questions and a concrete set structure. This would merely be to ensure I did it ‘right’. This is not really my authentic way of working as I find intuition more preferable and this allows thinking toContinue reading “~Mini Ethnography~”

~ Research Process Visualisation~

We were asked to visualise the research process. This task is engaging as it is open to interpretation. Everyone in the grouped shared a very distinct visualisation and these ranged across how they were presented. Whilst I recognise that there is importance in presenting information using linear models and diagrammatic boxes for the purpose ofContinue reading “~ Research Process Visualisation~”